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Make Money Blogging – What The “Experts” Never Tell You


Many people want to learn how to make money blogging. Now, more than ever learning to make a real living from the comfort of home is extremely attractive to people.

But, is it real? Can you truly make money blogging?

The short answer is “yes” you truly can make money blogging.

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Yes, there’s a “but” a big but (sorry, couldn’t resist!). That but is that you need a blog before you can start making money.

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But sadly, many blogging tips for beginners leave that step out entirley.

So, how do you create a blog so you can start building your online blogging business?

You essentially have 2 choices:

  1. Learn how to put together a blog on your own
  2. Hire someone to set up your blog for you.



What Should I Look For In A Designer?

The truth of the matter is most blogs and websites online are set up on WordPress. This is the original blog framework that’s been around since blogging began.

The reason so many people use WordPress is because it’s pretty easy to set up so you can make money blogging relatively quickly.

I’m not going to go into all the steps here, but if you want a checklist to learn what you need to do to set up your own blog, click here.

It will take a little time to figure it out. Even though it’s fairly easy, there are a lot of steps and learning any new skill takes some time and trial and error.

But, if you are passionate about creating your new blog, and you don’t have any money to hire someone to do it for you, I absolutely recommend you give it a try yourself.

Just understand it will take you a while to figure it out and set it up. For most people, it takes a minimum of a month to get their website setup.

Usually, they can’t spend full time hours on their new blog. They are usually only able to put in an hour here or there. Plus, they are learning every step first before they can actually do it.

On the other hand, a blog designer works full time every day. That, in addition to their experience, means they can usually get a blog done within a week or two.

When you consider that it takes several weeks to several months to start getting traffic to your blog, the sooner you get your blog setup and start driving traffic, the sooner you’ll be making money!

Time is money, so the longer you struggle with the setup the longer it will take to be making any money.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire Someone To Create My Blog?


I can’t even begin to guess how many people are online that will create your blog for you, probably thousands at least. Each one of them have their own pricing and it can vary dramatically.

I do know that whenever I’m searching for a service provider, no matter what type, I’m always leery of the ones who make you fill out a form to request a quote.

Maybe it’s just me but I always feel like there are 2 reasons they do it that way:

  1. They are really expensive
  2. They want the opportunity to “sell” you

Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with that. I just know that I’m not particularly comfortable with being “sold”.

I prefer upfront pricing so I can make a decision as to whether or not it fits in my budget before I contact them.

What Should I Look For In A Designer?

This is a little tricky. Many people will say look for a designer with a ton of testimonials. Nothering wrong with that, but you may miss out on a great blog designer who is just starting out.

And, sometimes a newer designer who is trying to build up a list of clients and positive testimonials will work extra hard for you and maybe even be a little less expensive.

Also a newer designer may be able to fit you in sooner. Remember, time is money, so even if you hire a designer to create your blog, it may still take a month if that designer has a waiting list!

I would recommend talking to the designer on the phone before you start your project. Even though they will be the one designing and installing your website/ blog, it is a collaborative process and the two of you will be communicating often.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with the blog designer and feel confident that they will answer your questions in a timely manner.

It’s also nice for you to receive updates every few days. When I purchase a service from someone I like seeing the progress so I appreciate updates periodically.

Do They Have Portfolios Of Their Past Work?

Having a portfolio can be a tricky thing for a blog designer.

Why? Because when a prospective client looks over a portfolio the client may hate the designs of past projects. They may hate the colors, or the way the blog is laid out, etc.

And, if they hate what they see, they’ll likely click off that blog designers website and never come back!

But, that’s not really fair because the blog designer created those past blog projects according to what the client wanted, not what the blog designer wanted!

Ultimately it’s the client who decides the colors, the font styles, the layout, etc.. Even if the blog designer doesn’t like the choices their client has made, their job is to make the client happy.

In other words, it doesn’t reflect on the blog designers skill or taste, they are only following orders. They are creating the websites and blogs the way the client wants.

So, if you hate the style, color, fonts, etc.. of any items in a portfolio, don’t hold that against the designer. It was the client who decided those aspects of the website / blog!

How Many Testimonials Should A Good Blog Designer Have?

The more great testimonials a blog designer has, the better chance you’ll get a great blog.


Remember what I said earlier about a new designer who is just getting started? They may not have a lot of testimonials but if the testimonials they have are really good, that’s a very good sign.

As you are reading some of the testimonials ask yourself if the praise their clients have given them is in relation to the most important skills.

For example, you want a website / blog designer who is easy to communicate with. Do the testimonials reflect that?

How about meeting deadlines? Does the designer get the job done in a timely manner?

As you read through the testimonials consider what characteristics you want in a blog designer and whether or not the testimonials indicate the designer you’re considering has those traits.

It’s Up To You, Time To Get Started

It’s up to you: hire a website / blog designer and get the job done quickly, easily and professionally, or do it yourself and spend the time it takes to learn a brand new skill set that you’ll probably never use again.

But, no matter which option you choose – just get started!

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