Done for you blog creationHi, I’m Marie

Hi, my name is Marie, nice to meet you!

I work with anyone who is working to build an online business and gain more control over their time and their finances.

After over a dozen years working online as a free lance writer, newsletter marketer and custom blog, website and ecommerce designer, I know how to make the internet lifestyle work.

And, I never want to do anything else!

I have the skills and the passion to create the website, blog or ecommerce site of your dreams.

Nope, I mean it!

A great looking, SEO ready, mobile optimized site online is the foundation to all the success you’re craving.

The truth is that you can put up your own website. It’s not that hard.

BUT, it will take time. Even easy skills take time to learn.

And time is money.

The longer it takes you to figure it all out, the longer it takes before you can build a loyal following and start making money.

All successful business people learn that it’s important to delegate tasks. You can’t, and shouldn’t, try to do it all yourself.


Simple :

  • You’re not an expert in everything. It will take you longer and it may not be done properly if you try to undertake tasks you’re not skilled at
  • And, there are some things in your business that only you can do. If you’re off trying to do someone else’s job, who is taking care of those things only you can do? No one!

Looking for real change in you life? Want to build a better future?
Start your business now!

I would love the opportunity to provide you with the foundation for your new online business with a quality website, blog or ecommerce store.

Looking forward to working with you!

Professional Bio

After a short stint as a restauranteur, I decided that I’d rather build a business online.

Instead of getting up a 5 a.m. 6 days a week and working very late most nights, an online business provided the flexibility and time freedom I was craving.

So, I started as an affiliate marketer, and I still earn money as an affiliate.

Eventually, I added free lance writer to my portfolio of online businesses.

My writing morphed into  a successful newsletter service where I provided customized newsletters to private practice audiologists and chiropractors.

And, recently, I  added web design to my portfolio of online businesses.

After having created dozens of blogs, websites and ecommerce stores for myself and others, I saw there was a real need for this service.

And, voilá, Done For You Blog Creation was born. No matter what type of online presence you need – Website, Blog or Ecommerce store,  I can create not only a great looking site, but a site that is optimized for mobile, search engine optimized and fast loading.